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Here is the situation:

I have Windows XP SP1 machines behind a Cisco PIX 501 (version 6.3(5)) using the Cisco VPN Client v4.0.4(D).
These machines successfully connect to a VPN concentrator on another network using IPsec/UDP.
Once connected the machines launch Remote Desktop Connection but are unable to connect to the desired server (via IP address or host name).
If I remove the Cisco PIX from the network, the RDC connection is made without problems.

Does anyone know what I need to change in the PIX configuration to allow the RDC communication?


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  1. When connected on the VPN client are you able to ping the server?
  2. No, I cannot ping the server. I get no return traffic from the remote network once the VPN connection is made.

  3. Ok, I bet whats happening is the client is getting connected on to the VPN with the remote site but any traffic you try to send that way never gets a response.

    You need to permit ports 500(udp) and 4500(tcp) thru on you PIX on the access-list that handles incoming packets.
  4. mwahl217 said:

    Hi i have a similar problem, can u please give me the correct url. The updated url is not working
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