Tinkering with my 4800+ AM2

This is my first try with OC. Well not exactly mine because Racingman came here to help me. I did it with my crappy mini typhoon cooler and semi crappy memory. I got 2.7 GHz with stock voltage. As soon I get a better cooler and memory with better timings I'm going to shoot for 3.1 or more.

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  1. The motherboard mig1619 have is MSI K9N Neo 4, the chipset is a Nvidia 550 like Biostar T series I have, but the bios have too much limitations, don't provide for extra voltage, but you can put extra voltage on memory, not HT link alteration only FSB change, but I check with cpu-z and apparently the bios automatically put HT link in 4x. I have 4000+ 939 San Diego at 2.7 GHz on MSI K8N Neo 4 Platinum and that bios provide all the thing you need to oc, so I think K9N is the next generation but because is not platinum edition the bios is to basic. The thermaltake mini typhoon is not the best to oc but we want only try to oc a little. But 2.7 GHz with this motherboard memory and cooler is very cool result. 8) :lol:

    The setting are 225 FSB, 2.1v for memory (original 1.85v), stock voltage 1.35v, and motherboard put HT link in 4x(automatically, not provide nothing to change HT Link). But mig1619 are happy very happy :lol: :P , we ran Prime95 for more the 6 hour and are stable.
  2. 8) thanks master yoda, jajajjaa opps logainofhades your words are very welcome for us, your advices to me teaching a lot in oc world.
  3. That's true Love_Tacos, I think 2700 MHz is good oc, and viewing the bios of that MSI is true thing. Mig1619 is happy with the oc and for the next time better mobo, yeahhh 8)
  4. Oky Doky! tacos I tryit next time go to mig1619 house. Maybe 2.8 GHz is good point to try, but we ran Prime95 for at least 6 hours and everything fine.
  5. Well I leave my PC running prime95 since 4:00pm on 4/4/07 until 8:45pm on 4/5/07. At the 25 hrs and 20 min. (around (5:00 pm 4/5/07) the following error appeared ERROR: ILLEGAL SUMOUT. After reading the read me file looks like it could be over heating or the Vcore need more voltage. I'll be checking de MSI site to see if I can get some update to thinker with the Vcore.

    Thanks a lot guys.
  6. PRobably the heat issue, unless you have a nice hsf for it like the scythe infinity, you're going to run into high temps. I'd tell you to take the ihs off since that always helps, but amd had to go and be an ass and solder the ihs to the cpu like intel does, they used to only have an epoxy and you would get far better performance by taking the ihs off

    Tacos mig1619 and me don't understand what is ihs you taking about. Please tell us what is ihs and how affect temps :?: :?: :?:
  7. ok men excuse us I forgot we are padawan learners :evil:
  8. No problem Tacos we are only joking with you, but is true, that modification is for people wants all at any cost. So no problem, we planning to sale that mobo cpu combo after the AMD price cut and maybe go for a brisbane core and good mobo like mine with the same cooler and memory.
  9. Thank for the advice, I wait for price cut and buy the 5200+, you think is good for oc, from 2.6 to 3.0 is very easy oc, with 13 multiplier is more easy to oc.
  10. Tacos more higher frecuency??? new models??? Where???
  11. Thanks a lot guys. About getting new stuff, I need better memory and a better cooler anyway, and my Mobo won't let me do that much OC. So I think I’ll keep my 4800+ and get a new mobo, with more OC options, new memory and a better CPU cooler. And for K10 I'll going to wait for Christmas for that (that could be the present that I'll ask my wife to get me)
  12. mig1619 you think in particular mobo or you don't know what mobo you wants?. Asus are the most used motherboard to oc, the Biostar T series is the new surprise in oc and only cost $78.99. Check it out in newegg


    Other people post oc in ATI chipset mobos, and in ECS too, so asking to other in the forum.
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