Windows Vista Beta2 the Largest Software Download in History


Windows Vista Public Beta the Largest Software Download in History
10 June 2006

What happens when you try to serve a popular multi-gigabyte-sized download to the entire planet? Well Microsoft seems to have found out the hard way with their Windows Vista Public Beta 2 release earlier this week. Apparently it's the largest downloaded software in history. Just like many of you, I struggled to try to download the Beta (4.4GB 64-bit version in my case), only to find it aborting twice exactly upon completion, and only through some fiddling around did I manage to get it on the third download. And I'm one of the lucky ones - Microsoft have now clearly indicated on the Vista Beta site that many users will simply not be able to access the download, and should order a DVD version. If they attempt to increase the amount of bandwidth they're providing, they will literally slow down the entire Internet!
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  1. Well I must be one of the lucky ones, I got on this morning and got Vista downloaded in about 4 hours. I also have put up a FTP site which might or might not work so good. Midwest Mirror. It has Vista2 Iso, Vista Drivers and some other Microsoft Beta programs. I would recommend using Filezilla:
    I recommend the Phoenix, AZ server to get it

    I have found this to work better than just IE. If you download Filezilla first, then use address and port 21 to access the files. Hope this helps. :D
  2. I used an Old but classic program: Download Accelerator Plus, It took me about 5 hours, but then again I have slower cable connection wich averages about 80kbp/s.
  3. Used GetRight, and it worked like a charm.
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