Weird Fluctuating Cable Internet Problem

Heya, I've had Comcast cable for about 4-5 years now and most of the time it's been great but I've been having a problem that's been off and on. A little over a year ago I built a new computer that had an ASUS A8n SLi-Premium mobo. Anyways the onboard ethernet was horrible and I just went and bought a new ethernet card and it was fine for 1-2 months.

The problem is that my connection randomly fluctuates, the ISP on the phone tells me my connectivity is great blah blah doesn't seem to be any problems but it's obvious there is. I'm not using a router or a splitter. There's horrible delay whenever I play games and my ping spikes from 20-400 about every 20 seconds. What used to be a temporary fix for the problem was to pull out the power cord from my modem and put it back in and there would be a 20% chance that it wouldn't act up again, but that would only be fine for under a day when the problem would come back. Anyways a technician came out, checked signals everything was perfect and replaced the cable modem since it was old and it worked fine for about 3-4 months when the problem reoccured again.

Since it was pretty much the same problem I figured a newer cable modem would fix it so I went and exchanged the one I had previously received with an RCA modem which has been fine for about 6-7 months until now. I called the ISP and of course the connections "fine" but I can tell its not. So I'm having a techie come tomorrow but I have no idea what he's going to fix since I'm pretty sure there isn't a newer version of the cable modem than an RCA one that I already have. I rarely ever disconnect it's just my ping fluctuates randomly and tons of delay. My download speed is fine sometimes, other times my download speed will be about 50kb/sec when it should be 300+ and I can tell websites are taking forever to load.

Any help would be greatly appreciated or if anyone has had a problem similiar to this one that could give some input that would be great...

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  1. Cable (comcast) is like a party line. It will fluctuates according to load. A thing to check is the number of spliters between you and the main connection, max 4. If another user on your branch starts a big download you suffer if the branch is overloaded. Peak times are worst.

    I had a SMB class router that was picking up a rude DHCP server that was broadcasting to the world, I was avg 1 every 2 sec. They failed to address the problem so I switched over to Verizon FIOS. The best thing I ever did.
  2. Just purchased 80$ Linksys cable modem and problem still there, out of ideas t_t
  3. The first thing that came to mind when you said you had an ASUS A8n SLi-Premium motherboard is Nvidia's NAM, or Network Access Manager. I have the -Deluxe mobo, the NAM caused tons of problems, I simply uninstalled it, and all my problems went away. Anyway, just a thought.
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