Windows XP or 7 ? Please help

Hi Dear Members .
Since I changed my Rig to a Gaming one I started using Windows 7 . but some games Couldnt Keep me Satisfied , i went back to Xp & everything Ran great ! Very Smoothly

EVEN when i used DX9 Mode in windows 7 . WIndows XP was faster again . I hate Windows XP technology Its Too old & its Just great For Gaming ! Now Arma 2 Reinforcment Runs with no Bug & error on windows 7 .

OK now . I dont Like to 2 OS ! I cant have XP . & windows 7 makes some games run Slower . each option has its Gains & loses . now I wanna Know WHat is Windows 7 ( Ultimate ) XP Mode ? It Just make Windows 7 To run as fast as xp

it makes Other Windows Similar to Xp ? or it makes windows xp it Self ? What is it & how does it Work , because i already have Windows 7Ultimate XP Mode !

For Example Dead Rising 2 was laging on windows 7 , but Now it Runs Smoothly on Xp with Maxedout Setings .

My Rig Info is :
ATI 6870 , Phenom 955 BE , 4GB Ram DDr3 1333Mhz , MSI 790FX-GD70 , 685W PSU

Can you Even suggest me a Hardware that will kill Does Little lags On windows 7 too ? I was Thinking about Crossfire but With AMD CPU its no go !
I tought About i5 2400 too . i am confused & dont know what to do ! I hardly can Pay for single CPU or GPU now ! so Tell me The best way to Get most Advantage of new Upgrade .

or CPU+Mobo or other VGA for CF or Single Stronger VGA .
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  1. Win XP mode in win 7 is just a VM of XP running inside Win 7. This will not work for games because micorsoft virtual pc doesn't support DirectX.
  2. you knwo what my problem is ? all Games run very very Smoothly on XP & some Of them run little slower on 7 . but theres a game that doesnt Run fine on both OS !

    Its Both Crysis 1 & warhead . i can run them very very smoothly maxedout but When i look at Very farDistance ! game goes Slow for example 25 FPS !!!

    for Example : Crysis one , in the First WHen i look at the Sea with Mountain behind it game Goes SLow . i tried high setings , off aa , low res , medium setings but i still have that far Distance Problem , Maybe I am geting Bottleneck or VGA & CPU arnt that strong to Render those parts but with 1440x900 & high setings it shouldnt Be that hard !!! there is other Explenaion its Seem that too many FPS wanna Come In same TIme & same Place without Correct Management ! Same With warhead , on xp , 7 , 7 64 bit . i tried Everything . Latest Updates & drivers &...

    VSYNC is Off in catalyst too ! tried turned on too !

    What should i do ? WHich part SHould i upgrade ? Main+CPU ? Vga ? crossfire ?

    Which Will help most . i have 4 Way Crossfire Ready Mobo which haqs 16x 16x PCI ! & enough 685 PSU ! WHich Is the Best move ? Allo i need is 20 or 15 or even 10 more FPS in Crysis ( IN heavy Conditions ONLY )!

    & Maybe if I upgrade that Needed part ill be able to pl;ay game son 7 as fast as XP !
  3. Can you list all your hardware please, maybe then we can assist you...
  4. Ok

    Motherboard : MSI 790FX-GD70 ( 4 Way Crossfire Ready )
    VGA : MSI Twinfrozr 2 ATI 6870 1GB ( 16x Running ) 920 Default Clock!Catalsyt 11.6
    Ram: Supertalent 2x2GB DDr3 1333Mhz DC
    CPU: AMD Phenom II 955 BE 3.2Ghz
    PSU: 685W Gaming 50 A 80+ Crossfire SLI ready !!!
    Case: Gaming X3 Cool Enough :D
    HDD: Hitachi 7200RPM 16MB buffer 500GB
    Monitor : Samsung 19Inch ( 1440x900 )

    I checked mobo Version & its Latest ! VGA Driver is Updated ! I realy Dont know why this SYSTem only has problem with Crysis Warhead & 1 !
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