Temperature Monitor Software?

Hi all,

Am not sure if this is the right place to post this be here goes.

I have a room with 36 PCs hooked together and have frequent problems with systems overheating.... I also have an admin system setup to monitor everything that goes on with the other 36... but one thing am looking for is some sort of software that will let me watch the temperature of all the systems from the Admin machine.

Does anyone know if this type of software exsists?
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  1. Temperature monitoring software only reports the temps on the PC it is installed on. You can't access it from a server/central machine.

    You'll just have to configure each computer to run cool and keep the room in which the computers are installed cool, because if the room temp is high the machines will overheat even if their cooling systems are adequate.
  2. There is software out there that will monitor network computers... but right now I'm at a loss to remember what package(s) will do it. As the previous poster stated, keep that room cool. With 36 computers running, it's going to get quite warm in there. Do you have air conditioning in that room?
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