Installed Vista beta 2, now cant dual boot linux

I was running a dual boot of windows XP and Ubuntu Linux prior to installing Vista beta 2. Now, after upgrading windows XP to vista beta 2 i no longer have the boot screen that allows me to chose between my linux boot and my vista. Any way i can get back into linux? I did not make a boot disc for linux. Thanks
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  1. I'm sure linux_0 has a better suggestion, but mine would be to use a rescue CD to restore the GRUB boot manager. I don't think Vista recognizes anything other than WinXP at this point for dual-boot.
  2. Haha!

    Yes, the Vista Install ate your boot sector (primary bootloader resides here)! Fear not, it happened to me as well. It was easy to fix.

    With Ubuntu, you will want to run the Rescue CD, and reinstall GRUB. If you need further details, just ask!

  3. Any easier way, i dont have the recovery cd. Or can i just download it i guess?
  4. The Ubuntu "Alternate Install CD/Image" can be used as a recovery disk.

    It's been a few versions since I tinkered with Ubuntu, but you should be able to fire it up, and install grub manually with grub-install.

  5. Just use your first install disk, and reinstall the grub bootloader. Its easy enough in Fedora (did it by accident with XP), and Im sure most others are good to go in that way too.
  6. Damn messed up threads....
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