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Hi, i have a question about opening files like .pst with outlook express.
Does anyone know how to convert files (.pst = from microsoft outlook) to .wab or how to open them, so i can see with outlook express?
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  1. Export them from Outlook to a file format compatible with Outlook Express; ie CSV. (At least I think CSV is compatible with OE).
  2. Sorry but i dont have microsoft outlook installed, only outlook express. Is there a way without microsoft outlook?
  3. Well, i installed the microsoft outlook and export to a file of type "Comma Separated Values (Windows)" and it save a file as .CSV.
    Then with outlook express i import the file and yes it worked. :)

    But still its there a way without using this method, without using microsoft outlook :?:
  4. Not that I know of... you must export your data to a compatible format for Outlook Express to import it. I don't know of any programs that would convert .pst files.

    Of course, that's not to say they don't exist... I just don't know of any. You could try googling "Convert .pst files to .csv" or whichever format you're looking to convert to.
  5. ok, Zoron, thx for all your help :wink:
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