hooking up a 7800GT to an HDTV

I seem to have lost my borders when i switched my output onto my 52" grand wega. I have no idea how to solve this problem, as i am new to retrofitting huge tvs to my computer (normaly my tastes are satisfied with my 19" lcd but i wanted to try this) in anycase, i have no idea how to regain the borders and its really hard to use a computer when i cant see the start menu or any of the windows that are open - i know alt+tab right... i just feel kinda defeated by the TV unless i can see the ENTIRE screen, ya know?

on top of my missing borders, pages with text (like word, IE, firefox, esplorer) all seem to flash (It get painful after a while)

any help is better than none! thanks for reading this.

one more thing - pictures, video, and games apear fine without the flashing, im not exactly sure what would cause this, my thoughts were refresh rate but im not sure how to fix that...

thanks again.
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  1. Computer text can be extremely difficult to read on even the best TVs. What do you have your TV set to resolution-wise? Perhaps selecting a different resolution would help... also switching to progressive instead of interlaced might help too... unless you're already running progressive... in which case try interlaced.
  2. Zoron that hit the nail right on the head, thanks a bunch. very simple and easy fix.
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