What are 2D clocks?

http://theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=38719 inq got pwnd.

But this is not the point of my thread, reading this article made me wonder about something i already noticed on my graphic card a long time ago but couldn't careless.

2D Clock? What is it?

Is it a clock that will be used when the card is using 2d environment like windows in order to save power? If so, i could lower it to the minimun possible and it wouldn't affect my gaming performance because original 3d clocks would be reestablished when playing anything concerning 3d environment?
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  1. Reading the article it would seem that you are correct. This would be a great move IMHO specially considering the power consumption of those monsters but when you take into consideration the source this should be taken with a pinch of salt.
  2. The OP is right; 2D clocks are the lower clockspeeds a GPU runs at when doing things such as word processing, surfing the web, etc. to save power.
  3. So i could lower them to the minimum possible! I bet the minimum possible is more then enough for windows.
  4. unless you are using vista with aero :P
  5. just noticed the "whats are" thingy :D
  6. Quote:
    just noticed the "whats are" thingy :D

    Sorry I didn't quite understand you :(
  7. I named the thread with "Whats are 2D clocks?"
    Bad syntax :o
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