Abit Fatal1ty F-I90HD BIOS/RAM problem...need help plz!

No answer from Abit yet, so thought I'd try here too.


Having some trouble here and would certainly appreciate the help.

A few days ago I added another 2 x 1GBs G.Skill Dual Channel DDR2 800 to my system. I now have 2 kits of dual channel bringing me to 4GBs. I'm running Vista 32-bit and am aware that not all this RAM will show up. However, after a few days now the RAM is showing up less in the BIOS and windows. I was showing close to 3.9GBs in the BIOS, but am now showing 3.6GBs. Any idea what I can do to fix this? Why is it doing this? Is the board dying??

In order to get the RAM to run stable in ALL four DIMMS I also had to up the voltage on the RAM from 2.1v to 2.3v. I tried 2.2v, but I get random BSODs.

I ran ALL of the RAM through atleast 14 passes of memtest with ZERO errors. So this must be a Mobo/BIOS issue, but not sure what.

I have the most recent BIOS too. There is not an update available from Abit yet...

CPUz is showing all 4096GBs of ram and that it is dual channel.

Thanks again and help is appreciated!

Specs in Sig.
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  1. There must be a moderator/pro with some type of answer! I'm dying here! :(
  2. if you are using the integrated gfx then an obvious reason why it would show less than the 4Gbs in Windows (apart from the 32-bit addresing issues) would be the RAM used for the integrated gfx.
    Don't know how that would show up in the BIOS though.
  3. Not using onboard video or audio actually. Any idea why the BIOS would display a different number?

    I plan on upgrading to Visat 64-bit when it's a bit easier to work with. That's the reason why I got the second kit and the price was great ;).

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