Computer stops when downloading Torrent

I have a problem with downloading torrent files.

For every torrent program, like Bitlord, Utorrent, Azureus it gives this problem: after about 15 minutes of downloading a .torrent file, my computer is stuck completely. The LEDS stop flickering, the harddisk is quite, and the only is option is to press the reset-button.

I can download normal files, from ftp.

The port is open, firewall is turned off.

Why is this?

Here are my specs:

Asus A8n-Sli
Amd X2 3800+
7800 gtx
1024 mb
400gb Seagate

IEEE 802.11g, I have an Asus router, can't find which type now.
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  1. your computer freezes?
    I am using utorrent on my computer and it does the same thing. But, it seems it only happens when I have utorrent up, and usually on top..

    I have found that if I just leave it minimized, with utorrent this makes the window disappear to the buttons on the right side of the start bar, next to where it shows your internet connection.

    Running it minimized like that, I never run into a problem.. running it open, I find if I leave my computer alone for a minute or 2, the whole thing freezes.

    also to up your internet and whatnot correctly, I think you need a static IP also.. right?
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