Explosion on startup

So I put my new PC together and start it up. Runs fine for the first few seconds then I hear a loud bang and a flash of light. Couldn't really tell where it came from. I thought it was the processor at first but I took everything out to examine it and I don't see any burn marks anywhere. What should I do?
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  1. Oh boy, that's spectacular. Most likely your PSU, what're all the system specs? Hope it didn't take anything else with it.
  2. DUUUUDE! THAT SUCKS!!! Open up your PSU and take a look.
  3. Case: Thermaltake Soprano

    CPU: Core 2 Duo E4300

    MOBO: Gigabyte DS3

    GPU: EVGA GeForce8800 gts 320mb

    Memory: Buffalo Firestix 2gb(2x1gb)

    PSU: Corsair 620w

    Hard Drives 2 Seagate barracudas 320mb RAID0
    Western Digital 500gb

    Sound Card Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtremegamer

    Burner Lite-on Combo Burner

    CPU Cooler: Scythe Ninja 1100P

    OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
  4. Wow I'd be unimpressed with Corsair if it's the PSU. Should be pretty easy to tell, if everyone else inside looks okay (ie, the motherboard caps haven't blown themselves to pieces) then it would seem to be the PSU. Turn off the power switch then unplug it then open it up very carefully and don't touch anything inside. If it blew like that it should be pretty obvious something happened.
  5. I was doing a few maintence tests at work once (testing PSUs with cut cables and old mobos and like a retard I set the mobo on the case side panel (metal) and some spliced wires neatly coiled up on the same surface and turned it on to test it. (My hand was on the panel to hold the mobo steady) Needless to say it shocked the crap out of me and the caps on the motherboard blew off and some weird "mist" came out of them. My boss almost pissed himself laughing.
  6. everything seems to be ok inside the PSU also.
  7. Well that's perplexing. There are caps on the graphics card too but I doubt it was that. Do you have another PSU to try in the system?
  8. I have a 450w power supply but it doesn't have a spot to hook up a pci express card.
  9. Well you could use it anyway and just remove the graphics card, it should still at least boot up and give the "I'm okay" beep. Or if you've got some small alligator clips or similar you could make a temporary connection to your graphics card, if that PSU gives enough 12A for the GTS.
  10. Quote:
    the caps on the motherboard blew off and some weird "mist" came out of them.

    Good old Magic Smoke. :D Inhale deep and watch the pretty colours. j/k :P
  11. Do I need anything besides a stick of memory a hard drive, CPU, and heatink connected to try to power it up?
  12. Nope, don't even need a hard drive. Without a stick of memory it'll start but give a memory error beep.
  13. ok started it up and it did beep. should I even bother trying the other power supply again? Since it did start up and beep does this mean the CPU and MOBO are still ok?
  14. You can test the other psu by inserting a clips between the two green and black connectors in the psu outlet for the mb.

    If it starts, then it is ok. If not, then it might have been damaged and needs replacement.
  15. Yeah disconnect everything from the PSU. Turn off and unplug the PSU. Connect the green and black wire on that motherboard 20+4 pin. Use paper clip or wire. Plug and turn on the PSU itself. It should run if it's good and if not then somethings wrong. Retest if you have to, to be sure. Don't electrocute yourself and also do not leave the PSU running for a long time when it's not supplying power to the system or it could burn itself.
  16. Ok tried the paper clip in those two slots. It made a ...hissing noise i guess. But the fan wouldnt even spin up. meh... requesting RMA now.
  17. With the PSU plugged into the wall disconnect all internal power connectors. Then jump the green wire to the black wire on your 20 or 24 pin connector (the big connector that goes into the motherboard). This will turn the PSU on, now use a voltmeter to test each wire.
  18. Many power supplies have temperature-controlled fans, so the fan not spinning up doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem.
  19. can't test the PS with a voltmeter. I don't have one. is there any reason to believe thats not the problem? When I turn on the computer with the good PSU it sounds like it gives 1 long and 2 short beeps. from what i've read that means a gpu problem but there is no gpu hooked up right now. I also can't hook up a monitor to it since there is no where it will go just on the mobo. Do the beeps mean that the stuff currently hooked up(CPU,MOBO,mem, and HD) are ok and the PSU didn't take them out with it? Or could they still be screwed up also?
  20. Quote:
    Ok tried the paper clip in those two slots. It made a ...hissing noise i guess. But the fan wouldnt even spin up. meh... requesting RMA now.

    The hissing is most likely capacitors leaking 'Magic Smoke'. She's dead, RMA.
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