x64 Installation/Repair problems...

Alright... yet again i'm having problems with Windows x64. I think the only thing that this operating system does faster is break.

So i had problems in x64 after doing... wel, nothing in particular. So i rebbot and get greeted with a BSOD stop message.

I reboot into my alternate OS (Windows XP Pro) and schedule a chkdsk ot run on my x64 install on next boot.

I run the chkdsk, which tinkers with over 100,000 files... i know, because i sat and watch the numbers launch their way through my screen. I don't advise this, it's long and tedious.

Anyway, chkdsk over, Windows x64 boots again. Hurrah... but thats all it does, and freezes just after i enter my password and the logon screen has gone, i'm left with the faint blue background of a loading desktop and a cursor with nothing to click on. I reboot and try again, but the same thing hapens.

So i stick in my x64 cd, reboot from the cd, and try to repair the installation. Setup copies the files, reboots, and freezes at the "Preparing Installation" part with the sub title "installing devices".

Does anyone have any clues what my next step forward is? It's 1am and my brain - not usually up to these kinds of things - is refusing to concentrate on the task in hand, preferring to turn up the music in my head and scream defiance.

A beer goes out to the man that helps solve my problem. Or woman. Or chimp.

Thanks in advance. You rock for answering.
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  1. Maybe i should point out that it freezes with "34 Minutes to Go", and never gets any more done. I still have mouse control though, so its more like the installation is on pause.

    Anyone have suggestions?
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