XP Installation freezes with 34 minutes to go...

Well its Windows x64, but that shouldn't make much of a difference... right? Erk. :?

Anyway, i boot into the install enviroment and go through the usual fluff to get the os loading, and XP tells me it is at the "Preparing Installation" phase, and is "Installing Devices" with 34 minutes to go.

Now this is NOT 34 minutes. It's not going anywher. It's not frozen exactly, i still have mouse control, can shift + F10 into cmd etc, but the install just isn't moving along :

Please help. Again, the usual beer to the problem solver :D
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  1. Bad CD?

    Otherwise bad hardware?

    Always in the same place?

    Is it a new system?

    Has it always been OK? If so, why are you installing winxp again?
  2. CD works fine

    Hardware installed perfectly on initial install of x64

    Yes, it always freezes at the point mentioned

    Not a new system, no.

    It has not always been ok, there were some initial HDD problems that were resolved. The reinstall/repair is due to a rpoblem i do not knwo how to fix - windows stopping after entering my user name, and going no further.
  3. Have you tried full reformatting of the disk, perhaps even remaking the partition again in case you have a problem with the partition that is stopping the install?

    You mention hdd problems, this seems a little too coincidental...perhaps this is why it wouldn't let you log on?

    Can you try installing on a different hard drive and see if this makes a difference?

    (hint, back up first!)
  4. Not tried the format and reinstall, to be honest i couldn't be bothered, Win x64 has been nothing but hassle since i installed it.

    The HDD problems were resolved, i managed to get my other install of WinXP Pro working again.

    So yes, i've resigned myself to the fact that i'm going to have to format the HDD and resinstall... how typical of a M$ product.
  5. Hey I have the same login problem with 3 computers where I work... then when I tried a repair install, it stops at 34 minnutes. All 3 have the same login problem and I can't even repair! any suggestions?
    stom said:
    The reinstall/repair is due to a rpoblem i do not knwo how to fix - windows stopping after entering my user name, and going no further.
  6. here microsoft has an solution for you
    Restart your computer.

    Setup tries to identify the device that is causing the problem and tries to skip the device on the next restart. You may have to restart your computer multiple times.
    If the problem persists, examine the Setup log files for anything that may indicate what may be causing the problem. To do this, press SHIFT+F10 to open a command prompt after the first restart, and after any subsequent restarts, if Setup stops responding. In the %windir% folder (typically, C:\Windows or C:Winnt), look for the Pnplog.txt file. This log file is only created during setup if there is an issue that is detected with hardware. The log file should include the hardware that Setup will skip on the next restart.

    You can also review the Setupapi.log file, the Setupact.log file, and the Setuperr.log file (in the %windir% folder) to try to determine which device Setup was trying to detect when it stopped responding. To locate the device that is the most likely cause of the issue, read the last 10 to 15 lines at the end of the files.

    Note You may have to look for the last class installer to load in the Setupapi.log file. This may tell you the device class instead of the specific device.

    If the Setup log files indicate that a hardware device or a driver may be causing the problem, verify that your hardware is supported by Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. To do this, check the device manufacturer's Web site, or visit the following Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List Web site:
    If the log files do not indicate the cause of the issue, try removing hardware to determine which device is causing Setup to stop responding.
    Remove any external hardware, such as attached devices that are not required for setup (for example, printers, external serial devices, and Universal Serial Bus [USB] devices other than the primary keyboard).
    Remove any internal cards that are not required for setup, such as sound cards.
    Disable items in the basic input/output system (BIOS), such as ports or power management features, and on-board devices that are not required for setup to complete, such as modems.
    Try to move or reseat the cards in the Peripheral Connect Interface (PCI) slots.

    I had the same problem with one laptop... im still trying to fix this problem......... still can`t. :fou:
  7. If all else fails, look for gunk on the CD. I had that a few times, and washed the CD with plain soap and water. It's only plastic.
  8. grrrrr!...i will join in!

    TRY this form

    and if that fails...

    http:// www . watch?v=qj9 _ YmS56O c&feature = related [remove space]

    hehe...i got that problem too.
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