Help, no more sound?!


I'm seeking some help as I feel I have hit a brick wall here.

I replaced my E8400 stock fan for a Cooler Master N520 and in doing so, I had to pull out everything in order take out the motherboard so I could install that fan.

Long story short, now that all has been installed, I lost the sound on my computer. I'm pretty noobish when it comes to this but I can say that my internal speaker works, which is the one that issues a bip bip when I turn the computer on.

Otherwise I installed the audio drivers for my motherboard which is the ASUS P5K/EPU and I doubled-check everything being connected to my motherboard and I'm pretty sure I haven't forgotten any wire to plug in.

That and my speaker is powered on (never know).

I've ran out of ideas, anyone can help?
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  1. When this has happened to me, it's usually because I plugged the speaker wire into the blue socket and not the turquoise one. Easy to do when you peering round the back in the dark.

  2. Turns out a third look into the eye of the Beholder revealed an unplugged HD Audio wire...
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