Startup problems - system hanging, keyboard error, etc.

Hey all, I built my first system last year and haven't really loaded it up with much in the way of software that would be causing conflicts. I keep getting problems after I install anything new or update already installed software.

The system often hangs for a loooooong time, sticking on the initial Windows logo screen or I sometimes get an error where it doesn't recognize my keyboard (a Microsoft product!) and I have to plug in an old keyboard and get it to recognize that one.

What files/setting should I check that might be causing issues during startup? It just seems like my system is far more unstable than it should be. System specs in my signature. Thanks!
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  1. What kind of keyboard? If it's a swanky one that relies on Microsfot windows drivers, that may be the problem. My intelli-NOT0mouse only gets recognised 40% of the time, and only if you pull it out and plug it back in again.

    Bootvis will tell you what your computer is doing in bootup, if you know what to look for.

    I had a winodws xp sp2 install that took about one minute to boot up. It was a dodgy installation. Reinstalled and now it takes ninteen seconds.

    Get ghost, reinstall, then ghost the installation. If you get weird stuff hapen, or just to spring clean every few months, just put the image back on the drive. You'll need a new partition though.

    Good luck.
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