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Greetings, I am in quite a dilemma with my current system. I want to upgrade my a8n-vm csm to a a8n-sli deluxe but, i'm not sure if it's worth the upgrade now since i need the extra pci slot for wifi and tv-in. I won't mind doing a full system upgrade but, it is best not to because it is always nice to save a few dollars. If I was to upgrade, I would wait for the new barcelona so please put that into consideration.

My current setup is shown in my signature. I plan on upgrading to vista soon because I got it for free =). Any comments are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. the price difference between 939 and am2 - you can buy new mobo if you go am2

    939 is really be dumped by amd

    you can get combos for $160-200 @da egg, with the mobo and x2 chip
  2. Well if I was going to do ddr2/new mobo and cpu I rather just do a new upgrade to a faster platform.. Doing this wouldn't be bad as I can give my sister all the old 939 stuff anyways.. mm as for newegg, I cannot do that since i'm in canada....

    Thanks for the comment DragonSprayer, your post has put my dilemma into a more narrow view. So the new options are: upgrade to new platform with barcelona or just do the motherboard upgrade and be happy. Infact, since I do have an extra 939 3200+ lying around doing a mobo upgrade would do my family some good since I am able to free up a mobo and cpu for them to use.
  3. The S939 is a robust and still pretty well-performing platform but upgradeability is limited so it's not worth upgrading it unless you are going from single core to a dual core CPU.
  4. onwards towards barcelona.... I suppose.. haha
  5. Im also running a s939 system and I love it, but there is no longer an upgrade path for s939 so it doesnt really pay to put any money into it. Best bet is to save some money and go with a new c2d system or wait for the K10 to be released which is what I plan on doing. Lets just hope AMD can take back the performance advantage it had when the s939 cpus where released! Good luck dude
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