Help required. Short power on, squeeling noise.

Well I finished my install, plugged everything in and hit the power button to start the comp and see if it would post.

No post, all the fans would start up for literally a half second, then everything would power down. I figured maybe a DOA PSU. Put in a spare we had, same issue. Tried a different power cord, same problem but now there is a loud, high pitched squeeling noise.

Any ideas?

Running a

Intel BLKDP965LTCK LGA 775 Intel P965 Express ATX
Intel E6600 Conroe core 2 duo
eVGA Geforce 8800GTS(320mb)
2gig super-talent 5300(667mhz)
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  1. Check all your plugs to make sure you got all plug in right.
  2. Thanks Moose thats all that it was, 2x2 connector.....I'm an idiot :D
  3. Your not the first one to do that! :D
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