Cannot Access Users Accounts in XP

The Users Account will not open. Everything else in the Controll Panel is accessable except AudioHQ, using a Audigy2 ZS sound card, and Windows Media Connect. Don't know what the latter 2 are. I can access Users Accounts in Safe Mode with the Admin account. Checked and my User Account has Administrator Privalege. How can I get access to the User Account? Thanks.
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  1. lol im having exactly the same problem. Its werid. I'll post if I can get mine working
  2. Ohk I fixed mine. All I had to do was go start -> run -> and type

    control.exe userpasswords

    and press enter!

    Hope that helps
  3. I'll try that but when I turned off my firewall, ZoneAlarm Security Suite, I was able to access it.
  4. One more thing I found was a few .dll's were missing. By any chance do you or did you have IE7 installed?? at some time. That was one of my pproblems ieui.dll was missing - which is a IE7 core library
  5. No, never installed IE 7. Also, tried your solution but it didn't work, it's definitely something to do with the ZoneAlarm settings.
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