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I installed XP to my second hard-drive ( with ME on my primary drive)- decided I didn't need it and managed to uninstall without any problem and reformatted the hard drive . However I'm left with the dual boot prompt each time I started my computer. How do I get rid of this prompt ?
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  1. I know this works for xp, but I'm not sure about 9x/ME: go to the root directory of your main system drive (C: drive by default) Make sure you have "see all hidden folders and system protected files" enabled. Look for a file called "boot" there should be a line of info in there that says windows ME and another line for windows xp. Delete the entire xp line in the file and save. Might not hurt to make a backup of this file on a floppy before you change it in case you do it wrong and prevent your computer from booting.
  2. Thanks for that:- There's a file BOOT.PRV ( which I can't open) and the notepad text document -BOOTLOG The bootlog shows lots of lines referencing windows but no definitive ones for" WINDOWS ME" or "WINDOWS XP". Instead of faffing around I thingk I'll go for the big WinMe reinstall ( it's been getting tired and emmotional lately anyway ). So if nobody out there has a definitive on this problem I'll start backing up now.................
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