Computer is reseting itseld while I am gaming

I was playing a game and all of a sudden my system resets itself. I played a different game and it happened again. I havent changed anything or added any components recently. Everything has been fine till today. I was going thru device manager and nothing came up. Anyone have any ideas? I ran spybot and addware and nothing is coming up. I should have a virus because I hardly do internet surfing on this system. I went into the bios screen and the temperatures for my system and CPU run in the 20's to very low 30's. Which is were it usually is even when I havent had any trouble. I did do a msconfig to close some programs running, could this be the issue?
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  1. does sound odd, I think I would run Memtest+ for a few hours and check for errors, odd as it seems, memory should not die over time
  2. If you have a spare PSU, try that.
  3. check your voltage settings, those temps seem a bit low for a core2duo, although i might be wrong, if it is your voltage then the reason is the processor is unstable because it isnt getting enough power

    if you dont know what the standard voltage should be do a google search or go to and check the specs on your processor

    i had the opposite problem when i installed an x2 4800+, my voltage was set too high and i was having heat problems, i couldnt figure it out since usually the mobo sets the voltage automatically but i eventually checked and that was the problem.
  4. Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced tab -> "Settings" under "Startup and Recovery -> uncheck "Automatically restart."

    Now when you play a game, instead of the system restarting, you'll get a BSOD.

    Write down everything on the BSOD and post it here.
  5. It can't be my PSU, I was playing Out of the Park Baseball 2007 for at least a half hour and there were no problems.
  6. I changed the RAM 2-3 months ago...went from 1GB ddr2-533 (2x512mb) 1.8v) to 4GB ddr2-675 4x1GB) (1.9v). Eventhough they post fine, I should up the voltage? From the bios screen? How do I do that?

    On the BIOS screen, it said Vcore OK, DDR18v OK, +3.3v OK, +12v OK, CPU clock Ratio 6x, CPU Host Frequency 200, Mem Frequency 667, Normal CPU Vcore 1.32500v
  7. im looking on wikipedia and it says for the E6300 standard voltage should be 0.85 - 1.3525 V (check my reply to prozac. I got them numbers on my BIOS screen)
  8. Quote:
    Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced tab -> "Settings" under "Startup and Recovery -> uncheck "Automatically restart."

    Now when you play a game, instead of the system restarting, you'll get a BSOD.

    Write down everything on the BSOD and post it here.

    This is your best option, this will lead to a more detailed understanding.

    Once you have the BSoD I suggest you go here,
  9. Damn, I had the window: System recovered form a serious error and to click to see the fault. I clicked it and gave me the code. LoL the one time I dont copy it down. Ok, I'll se eif I can get the BSOD.
  10. It might be a dust problem that's causing your PC to overheat and restart.

    Check for dust inside the case especially on your CPU & GPU heatsinks.
  11. Drivers rarely, but can, cause this very problem. Often the system would give an error normally but the reboot happens so fast you never see it.
    Cleaning and reloading the drivers never hurts. It's not likely the problem, but not impossible.
    I agree with the others in that it's more likely the ram.
    Some things to try:

    Without looking at your board it's possible that it might not like the particular format in which you've placed your ram.
    "Maximum" ram capabilities of motherboards can be misleading.
    Check to see if your specific ram configuration is ok, there should be a matrix online or in the manual for it.
    For example, many times the "maximum" capacity can only be reached by slower memory, or single-sided memory only.
    My board for example, which is an nforce4/amd, can go 4GB max, but, only at 4x 1gb 266mhz with single sided memory. The board may well post with other configurations (and has) but will eventually fail randomly. I know, because I've tested this very thing for other people btw.
    At any rate.

    Easiest step is to take out two of the dimms and see if that helps, or better yet go down to one. If that doesn't help, reduce the memory timings and speed. If that DOES help, try going back to the stock timings but with slightly higher voltage.
    It will be a pain, sure, but that's how it goes with "random rebooting" type stuff that isn't obviously heat.
  12. I have had this identical problem in the past. In my case, one stick of memory was bad. I replaced it and the problem has not returned.
  13. could taking out the floppy drive and the BIOS showing floppy drive after I took it out cause problems? When I was inthe BIOS i changed floppy to {none}. I just got off my computer playing the Godfather and earlier Simcity4000 and everything was reboot. Does this mean the sticks are ok then? Should I up the voltage on the sticks. On newegg it was listed as 1.9v. The previous sticks I had were 1.8v and in the BIOS I think it was saying 1.8v (DDR18v) Should it say ddr2? How do I up the voltage? Ive never did this and Bios screen is something I dont want to screw around with if I dont know what to change.

    I was on eventvrw.msc and anyone here of: ati2mtag event id 48137 and it says romdoes not support device and event id 44044 12c return failed. I was looking in the event screen and saw these. There are a lot of events in applications tab.
  14. I replaced my ram 2 months ago. Everything has been fine. Rarely, when Im playing Simcity4000 or 18wheels of steel: "crashes" and goes back to the desktop. Now last week when I was playing The Godfather, my system reset itself (went thru the montions and loaded to the desktop). This happened 2 nights in a row which is why I was getting concerned. I checked the wires, any heat, dust, and went into bios screen. Last time (last thursday) I played Simcity 4000 everything was resets. Game seemed sluggish though. The sluggishness must because I have the E6300. Over the summer Im thinking of an upgrade to the E6700 or something higher. I got the E6300 because it was my first BYO and wanted to start small just in case of any mishaps. Lately the sluggishness is beginning to bother me now.

    Should I of updated my mobo? Since I got it in August I havent done any updates. I saw on the posting screen it said F3 but I read on the forumz if its not broken or acting funny dont update it.
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