Need help with what might be a future problem

I am planning to eventually have 2 x2900xtx's in crossfire. I have never used crossfire before/dont know how it works. I plan to get a 30 inch monitor from either dell/hp(odds are dell because it constantly goes on sale for 500 dollars cheaper) but dells only has 1 dvi input as opposed to hp's 4. I was wondering would I need atleast 2 dvi inputs for each card or how exactly does crossfire work?
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  1. I would only suggest that first get a good idea about crossfire tech , before even thinking about utilising it .

    I'll give you a start. Crossfire is the dual card technology invented by ATI , it enables the functioning of 2 ATI graphic cards on a single motherboard.

    I would suggest just do a search on google and once you have a complicated question or any doubts then post it over here .

    Your question is like coming to a car tuner and asking what is an engine :roll:

    See what i am saying , learn the basics and then whatever is missing or you are confused about you can post it over here .

  2. You need a dual-link DVI for the Dell - it will work ok.

    Google for Crossfire. ATI may well have Crossfire on one card ala Nvidia's 7950GX2.
  3. ok let me put the question in simpler terms. If I use crossfire do I have to hook up both video cards to the monitor or just one? because if I have to hook up both i would need hp's 30 inch monitor as it has 4 dvi ports as opposed to dells which only has 1. That what was I was trying to get it, sorry for being so vague.
  4. Like Abyss mentions, you just need 1 single-link connector to the monitor.

    If you get the dell make sure it's the new 30" and not the one they've been selling, it's not got the same colour range as the new ones. Old one HP>DELL, new one HP=DELL.
  5. yeah its the new 1 with the 92% color gamut. btw thanks for the help everyone.
  6. all you really would need to do would be put the 2 crossfire connectors on and enable it in the driver and plug the monitor into one of the cards, it doesn't matter which card, crossfire automatically does all that for you.
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