Reason for PSU exploding?

Just built a new pc and the PSU let out a loud bang and a flash of light after running for about 10 seconds. Everything looks ok inside but i'm fairly sure it's dead. plugged it in with a paper clip in it and it emitted a weird hissing noise. Now on two of my older power supplies there is a switch in the back which is set to 115v and they work fine. I've read somewhere that this switch could cause a PSU to explode if not set right. However the new PSU does not have a switch on the back like these older ones do. If it is a 230v PSU by default could plugging it in a room that only supplies 115v cause it to blow?
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  1. Yes I have seen PSU's blow by having the wrong voltage selected, however most of the ones I have seen that do not have any switch at all are autosensing between the 240v/120v. I recall there was one I had seen that had the switch not visible on the outside of the case & you had to pop the hood to switch it...

    What make / model is yours, or maybe you can post a pic of the label?
  2. it's a corsair HX-620w. it's autosensing I believe.
  3. indeed, my condolences.

    Corsair's PDF manual"]Universal AC input 90~264V automatically scans and detects the correct voltage. No more hassle of flipping that tiny red switch!

    a Corsair RMA? That's a rare occasion. Well not as rare as an FSP RMA I guess :P

    Do that first then check your build for grounded-out mobo mounting screws. Then I would grab a spare PSU and put it on the bench for the bare-bones test fire.
  4. I've already tested it with a spare psu i have.hooked it up to the mobo with just 1 stick of memory a hd and the cpu in. it emits a long beep then 2 short ones. Which is supposed to mean a GPU problem right? meh. there is no GPU in it. The spare psu i have dosen't have a pci-e connector on it :evil: so there is no testing that until i can rma the dead one. there does not seem to be a place on the mobo to connect a monitor either so I can't get into the BIOS and at least see if its picking stuff up. :cry:

    what do you mean by "grounded-out mobo mounting screws"?
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