I notice that when I try to read some cd's that I burnt on another CD burner they have trouble to the poin of stalling. I am running a dual 3800 AMD cpu with 2 gigs of mem. The origanal burner was a plexwriter and I can't see why they have trouble with the disc. When they finnaly open the cd it is still to the point of freezing. Why so much trouble with cd's burnt on another burner when every thing else works fine. Bruce
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  1. If the CDs can be read on all but one drive, it's likely the problem is with the drive not the CDs. First thing to do if that's the case is to update the drive's firmware. If they can't be read on any other drive, then the problem is with the burning and could be the drive, the media, the source or the program you're using.
  2. Yes the problem could be with the media or the burn. I tried it on two different sony drives and the data was real slow to bring up then it would almost freeze the pc . It was like I was running on a old 233 intel cpu with 32 megs of ram. So the problem could be the media or the burn. Thanks Bruce
  3. Hope you get it figured out. I'm assuming what ever your burning isn't DRM protected cause that can definitely mess things up.
  4. well I was copying my nero to put on my second pc and that might have been the problem. Bruce
  5. I've run into a similar problem trying to make backup of programs. I'd try burning a program I knew was DRM protected as well as some music.
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