Good registry cleaner/defrag prog

Can you tell me what registry cleaner/defrag program are you using?
I mean, I'm looking for a prog that is free and wan't f**k up windows during prolonged use.
If you could place a link for download that would be great!
I know how to google (don't think I'm lazy), but I need a recomendation from someone who is using it...(tired of installing win <for the first time>) :)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. A great, free registry cleaner is ccleaner, which can be downloaded from filehippo, or you can go through As for the defrag, I just use the Windows defrag in safe mode. With the 7200 or greater RPM drives defragging isn't near as important and useful as it used to be with the slower drives.
  2. i use regseeker. Free. never had a problem with. I delete everything it finds thats wrong and never one problem.

    fine it here. Linky
  3. Diskeeper is a good defrag program.
  4. I'm using Registry Booster from Uniblue. No problems so far. You can get it on discount from here:
  5. Ccleaner and Registry Mechanic is good .both Available in :roll: PC World web Site. U can find many more there.
  6. If you can, get your hands on TuneUp Utilities 2006 - that program not only has registry cleaners and defraggers but also has auto-optimize which can every now and again automatically in the backgroun perform maintenance procedures which free up resources and wasted disk space. Also this program has other nifty little features, like the ability to tweak parts of the OS i.e. change the Windows Theme and display the Windows version in the bottom right hand corner of the desktop. I even managed to fool some people into thinking I had Windows Vista :lol: Worth a look!!
  7. the 2009 registry cleaner and defragmentation.
    Refer to PC Health Advisor
  8. Owwwwwwwwwww...nonitoav you have revived a thread from June 2006 more than four years old. Read the date of the post before posting to a thread and try not be wasted next time you log on.

    Refer to this 'personal health advisor'.

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