Windows XP Professional x86 vs x64

I been wondering if a normal AMD Athlon XP processor can run Windows XP Professional x64 edition or not. If so, is there a profomance inprovement or not?

Secondly, do you need x64 edition to have multiple users simotaniously logged on by either multiple medias (Peripherals (Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, etc), Remote Desktop, etc) or just a specific version of XP (Home, Professional)?

Lastly thank you all who answer all my questions, including those in other catagories (Hardware, Linux, etc).
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  1. No, Athlon XP can't run XP x64... it is strictly a 32-bit processor, and to run XP Pro x64, the processor MUST be 64-bit capable.

    Multiple users can be logged on via fast-user switching. Of course, the more people you have logged on, the more resources that are going to be eaten up. Win XP Home, Pro and Media Center all have that capability.
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