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I'm looking at a new build, and I'm not sure if my Hiper Type-R 580W PSU can handle it all. I think the 12V rails are 30A total (12V1 20A, 12V2 18A). Here's the specs for my next build:

E6420 oc'ed to 3200MHz @ 1.375V vCore
2GB Corsair TwinX XMS2 800MHz C4 RAM (stock)
EVGA 8800GTS 640MB KO SuperClocked (576MHz)
DVD-RW/CD-RW combo drive
WD Raptor drive
2x Maxtor SATA drives
1x Maxtor 7200rpm IDE drive
1x Floppy drive
1x USB WD external drive
up to 4x external USB devices (gamepad, keyboard, mouse, flashdrive)
2x UV cathodes
NZXT Lexa case (2x 120mm LED fans, 1x 120mm fan, 1x 80mm fan, temp display)
Zalman fan controller (MFC-1)
Gigabyte DS3 mainboard
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  1. I'm not sure if it has enough amps on the +12v. You would probably be better off getting something a little beefier. It would be the safe play. The two I linked below may be overkill, but will handle your current set-up and future upgrades. They are the only ones that I could find that are modular, provide over 30 Amps and don't break a budget though the Thermaltake is a little pricey.

    Thermaltake Purepower 600W

    Antec Neopower 550W
  2. Thanks for the help there. I'll probably go with a Corsair HX 620W PSU though, as it's modular, which is always nice and looks good. Plus, it has 50A across the three 12V rails
  3. The Gigabyte DS3 only has one IDE slot, so you can only have your DVD burner on it. That means your Maxtor IDE hard drive wont be able to be connected.
  4. Thats a good choice, highly recommended. I didn't select it because it's a little pricey. Wasn't sure how much you were willing to spend.
  5. Oh, that's cool. Surely one IDE slot is enough as you can have two devices connected to the one channel? I was also considering getting a SATA DVD drive, but I don't think that would be detected by Win XP when I want to install it.
  6. Ideally, I wouldn't spend anything if my Hiper could keep up, but if I have to spend, I'd rather get something good that will last a while (and I'd hope the 50A of the Corsair would be enough. Plus, the company have good customer services)
  7. I was waiting for the expert to arrive :D ! Cheers for the info!
  8. Would I be good to use the Hiper if I instead didn't overclock the CPU, but had an 8800GTX instead of an 8800GTS?
  9. Cool, cheers for that :) . I'll go with the Corsair HX 620W then. 50A should be plenty, and the modular design will look good in the Lexa case
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