Adding Partion with 2nd instance of XP

I am currently set up with XP on one drive and 98 on a second drive. I'm having trouble with mycurrenrt instance of XP. I would like to create a second partion on the drive that currently hold XP and install a second instance of XP on the new partition. I have 7tools partion Manager to creat the partiton no problem. Question is, when I install to the new partition will I lose my current instance of XP on that drive? Thanks!
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  1. i have one drive with two partitions of XP Pro and one XP Home, at the loading screen it'll show all three (you just have to remember which is which, or you can just rename them)
  2. This will work just fine. When you are done, edit the operating system entry in the boot.ini file so both XP installs have a differnet name.
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