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Ok, well I am preparing to build my first computer, and I'd like your opinion on the designs and any tips you may think are helpful. An asian kid told me I should come here, so I listened. yes I am aware I chose Vista, I have already been ragged on, so please don't make a omment on that one. Well, here are the plans as of late.

Note: Those are all links down there.

Cooling System:
5 80mm Fans
Intake Fans
Fan Controller

Main Components:
Motherboard (EVGA Nvidia Nforce 680i)
Power Supply(OCZ GameXStream 700 Watt PSU)
CPU (Intel Core 2 Duo e6600)
2 Hard Drives (HITACHI Deskstar 7K 160GB Sata 3.0)
Ram (CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2 6400)(Double Up Later)
Disc Drive
Graphics Card (Evga 8800 GTX)
2 Monitors(22" Acer)
Op Sytem (Vista Ultimate)
Sound Card(Creative Labs X-FI Xtreme Gamer Fatality)
Tv Capture Device
The Case

Well That Basicaly Sums up the important features. So can I get your opinion please.
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  1. What are you planning to do with this system? Overclocking? Gaming?

    If you have money to burn on high end stuff then this looks good to me.

    Another thing what case are you planning on getting?

    And Why get intake fans? Most case you get will come with fans.
  2. Oh yeah, the case. I Actualy already have a case, its just sitting in my room waiting, here it is.

    The Case

    Its Probably going to be a gaming/Overclocking rig. I'll probably actualy go easy on the overclocking though, i don't want to screw something up and cause the system to oh, I don't know, explode, believe me I could accidentaly cause a real explosion, I'm just that bad. As for the mass number of fans, I just want to make sure she runs nice and cool.
  3. The thing is more fans, the more noises it has.

    As for the case looks good, as for the gaming and OCing rig. With OC'ing you can get up to 3.0 ghz easily with the stock cooling but beyond that you have to get an after market one like Tuniq Tower or Scythe Ninja or the Scythe Infinite.

    Gaming that system will rock especially with that 8800 GTX (you must have alot of cash to burn).
  4. Looks pretty good. The only suggestion I would have would be to up the hard drive size you are buying since you are spending a pretty penny on the rest of it. Anyway, while you are at it why not get some widescreen 19" monitors instead. From the looks of it you have some cash to burn
  5. Well right now, I am flat broke. :cry: , but I intend to work my rear off this summer, or soone rif possible.
  6. A Samsung 22" widescreen monitor would also be good if not even better than what Mike_Timmins has in his future build. I would consider getting that instead.
  7. I did look at some larger monitors, but I didn't much find the value in it. Also i would prefer to stick to viewsonic, I find thatthere producs are of very good quality, and generaly worth evey penny. Also i am gradualy aproaching the limit of what i want to spend. I mean if money was absolutely no object I would already have decided on a faster CPU, and if its possible, gone double on the 8800 GTX card(That kind of power is purely unnatural and should not be allowed) I'dd also have a water cooling system designed, but that will be my next computer, wich I will get no sooner than 5 years post date of the day I get this one in full op. I'll just save the whole time and end up pouring 15 to 20 thousand dollars into my second super computer, if thats possible.
  8. From looking at that case...I'm not sure it has room for 8 "intake" fans?!
  9. Not Gunna Be 8 Intake Fans. 2 80mm at rear for outflow. 1 side 80mm for outflow. PSU for outflow. 2 80mm front for intake and Hard Drive Cooling. and that intake fan thingy mounted in the lowest expansion slot for intake, or possibly outflow, simple reversal of fan direction, or if i wanna be finicy and difficult i can reverse the polarity on the fans.
  10. Don't waste your money on the KO card. Overclock it yourself.
  11. As long as you like having Los Angeles International in your room, its fineXD
  12. I did actualy think about that when I was picking the fans, they only put out 28.3 dBA of sound, and if i have any music playing, or my headphones on, I won't notice them at all.
  13. Just to add on to a previous post the samsung monitors do have a really nice picture espically the wide screen ones. I set one up on an older computer and I was suprised at the quality.
  14. A few comments:

    -it's a shame you don't go with 22" LCD monitors. Truly. Those 20" you are showing are stuck between small and bigger. They're an awkward resolution too. So unfortunately, I think you're stuck between a rock and a hard place with those LCDs. If you can't afford 22" Samsungs, then just get the Acer 22" ones.....they'll do the trick nicely.

    -that 8800GTX is rather overkill for the resolution of those monitors. Again, you're stuck in between. A GTS would do the trick nicely....which would also save you enough money to get the 22" screens ;)

    -if you have a burning desire to get the GTX, just get the stock version, the overclocked is overkill for your resolution. Quite simply, it's a waste of money.

    -why the crappy case? If you're spending this much money on a system, why get such a low quality and noisy case? If you like the look of it, there are much better cases that are stylistically similar. If you like that it's cheap, there are better cases that are quieter and offer better airflow that are inexpensive. Sorry, but I fail to understand the poor case for such a large investment of your money for all the other components....???

    -lastly, if you plan on overclocking, don't get that CPU cooler. Garbage. Get something like a Scythe Ninja or Infinity, Tuniq Tower, Zalman 9700, or Thermaltake Big Typhoon. They'll all do a MUCH better job, and for not much additional cost (especially in the case of the Ninja).

    Consider some revisions, and you'll have an absolute dream system. Good luck :)
  15. yes well, this weekend i figured i was probably going to sell that case to somebody else who is going to have me build him a computer.

    And you guys got me, i'll go for the acer 22" widescreen. Itrs only a lil bit more expensive and I have heard good things about acer.

    Now i'll go find the new Case, I'll show it and post a new reply once i've made the update changes.
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