Why only one arrow pointer? Nice to have for another user.

Can anyone shed some light on why in this day in age we need to have more than one computer to have two people run more than one program or the same program at the same time? It would be nice to have a wall jack the had your mouse, keyboard, monitor, usb, firewire, and anything else you would like. :lol: All connected to one computer that can support more than one person. Let me know if this is possible.
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  1. I don't know If this helps. But there is a way to run multiple computers on one monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer; that's called a KVM switch.

    You may have to rephrase, because I don't understand what you mean.
  2. They did have something like this many years ago. They were called dummy terminals or something like that. Basicly they were nothing but the monitor, keyboard and maybe mouse. The station was connected to a mainframe that did all the processing.
    You can still do something like that now with some server os's.
    Since computers are so cheap now these dummy terminals aren't really used anymore. Although it could come back.
    Would be a good way to keep people from playing games and surfing the net all day.

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