XFX 7600GT AGP video file problem

I recently bought a XFX 7600gt AGP and plug it , everything works fine until i format my PC.


--My PC crashes or freezes everytime i try to play a video file include , avi , quicktime , dvd , div-x etc. and forcing me to reset.
--3D apps working properly. but the ingame cinematics are a bit choppy.

The problem resolves ONLY if i drag the hardware acceleration bar to ' none ' , or if i uninstall Nvidia driver.


- AMD Athlon 3000+ 64bit
- MSI K8N Neo v2.0 ( chipset:Nvidia nForce3 250 )
- 1024mb 400 mhz ddr2
- Seagate 160 gb 7200 sata HDD
- FSP Bluestorm 500 (12v = 16A )

Here s the list that i tried to resolve this issue :

- I reformat and reinstall a fresh Windows XP SP2
- I ONLY installed latest forceware driver 93.71
- Tried to play an avi or DvD , problem exists.
- I unplugged unnecessary drives like , DVDrom , cdRom , 2nd Hdd , to see if its a power problem. prob. was the same.
- Upgrade directX to latest from microsoft.com
- Tried previous forceware drivers , none helped. (some of them refuse to detect my video card , thou they include 7600gt agp in their support list.)

Problem still exists. Since i saw this card working properly until i format my PC, i am kinda sure that it is not a hardware problem. I googled and came up with a few topics about the same problem...

I am deeply inneed of a professional help, coz i was very happy about my product..,

my thanks
haq aan
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  1. Maybe you can try to go back a few driver revisions and just for the sake of it reinstall direct X from Microsoft's website?

    Have you tried different players?

    Some times they mess up on the drivers and in that case the best option is to go back.

    See what drivers are on the CD and go forward one rev at a time to see if you can find when it messes up. Then back it off to the last one. This can take some real time but you may have a more happy computer in the end.

    Hope this helps.

    forgot the most important thing.

    did you get your AGP/GART/platform drivers? the latest ones
  2. Thank u for your interest ,..i ve just updated my mainboards drivers and problem solved. (ive been working on this almost for 1 week , never thought to update em :? )
  3. glad you got it fixed...

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