How to Resume IE Downloads?


Could someone please help me...

I was downloading a .rar file, it was 99%/100% completed and was saveing it to desktop but I accidentally hit the cancel button when only a minute or two left for it to save on my desktop. Ofcource when ever I have unfinshed download I just resume it with GetRight the thing is since I downloaded this file by using IE I can't see the incomplete file, unlike Mozilla Firefox incomplete downloads files. I tried looking for the temp? cache? of that file so I can resume it but I can only locate it in the C:\Documents and Settings\(user)\Recent Folder and it's about 600 bytes?! is there anyway at all for me to resume that file? it was about 200MB and it took me 3 hours to download it.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Thank You!
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  1. The only way of resuming download is to use download manager software. I use download manager 5.08 which is the latest version. There are other download software in the market. You have to search for it on torrent. These software are pretty good.
  2. But picard, I can't see the incomplete file so how can I resume it?
    and like I mentioned above I do have a download manager and it's GetRight I didn't use it when I was downloading that file cause I was downloading from Megaupload a file hosting online server and it will take several attempts to have it downloading with GetRight so I didn't bother with that (I also deleted Megaupload file manager)
    so do you have any idea how to resume the invisible incomplete file? just where is it!?
  3. I am working on that issue myself. I don't have immediate solution yet. :cry:
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