Problem magic rotation Samsung Syncmaster 940 BF

When I install Magic Rotation for my Samsung Syncmaster 940 BF I always get the error message Please re-install Magic Rotation. When I choose No, the error msg disappears but Magic Rotation doesn't work. When I choose Yes, my pc reboots but the problem remains.
I tried to delete Magic Rotation but the result was that my graphic card drivers were uninstalled as well. So I installed my drivers again as well as Magic Rotation but the problem remains.

Does anyone know how to correctly install Magic Rotation ?

My pc specs are
AMD 3800+ dual core
Asus M2N32 SLI DEL mobo
Asus Geforce 7900 TOP
Creative XFI Xtreme MUSIC

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  1. I'm having the exactly same problem !

    Did you find a solution to solve this ?

    this is what the dialog box says:

    Warning !!!
    Please re-install the MagicRotation Software.
    [Yes] [No]
  2. solution is to sey yes when ask to re-install

    just do that and its work
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