Distorted Audio when attempting to burn an MPEG video to DVD

Hi, I'm having some trouble and was wondering if anyone might have any ideas...

I had a 25 min VHS tape that I needed copied to a DVD pronto for my boss. I brought it down to a video duplication place and they burned me a DVD for me. When I brought it back to the office there were some peculiar things happening with the audio:

1) I could not open the DVD video with Windows Media Player (heavily distorted audio) or Real Player (wouldn't open at all).

2) I could open it with "Nero Showtime" (I guess this is like a file player) with good audio and no distortion.

I belive the File is in MPEG format. I would like to make DVD copies of the video. When opened with Showtime the audio is fine...however, when ever I try to burn a DVD using Nero, I encounter the same audio distortion.

Does anyone have an idea as to what the problem is and how how could resolve it? Please let me know if you need more information to diagnose.
Thank you!

best, Luke
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  1. Does anyone have any recommendations??? A software solution? Maybe the video is just no good. I am stumped.

    Thanks for your input!

  2. When I run into things like this I try to make a copy of the video files, sounds like in this case they're mpeg. You may to rip the DVD to your hard drive if you can't copy them. Once you can get access to the video file(s), test to make sure the files will play. VLC, a free video player, usually can play them. Once you find the right files, try to convert them to avi. I beielve Virtual Dub will do this, another free program. I'm working from memory because I had to just RMA the mobo of the machine I use for video stuff. :x
  3. Thanks for the input!

    I have copied the files to the HD and can open them with VLC (a nice program) and the audio siginal is fine. I'm assuming that this means the files are in good shape.

    I also downloaded Virtual Dub. When I tried to open the video file I recieved an error message:

    "MPEG Import Filter: invalid pack at position 3: marker bit not set; possibly MPEG-2 stream"

    The file is not a stream (don't think so). How can I get this thing open and convert it? 8O
  4. 1. Is there more than one mpeg file or is the entire video on one file? If there are multiple files you may have to merge them for Virtual Dub to work. I did find a free program that merges video files but as I said above, I don't have access to the computer with all the video stuff on it.

    2. Is the file(s) mpeg2? Should be able to tell in Windows Explorer in the Detail view.

    3. Check out dvdhelp.com, an excellent site for video stuff. I find it kind of tought to find stuff but do enough searches you should come up with answers.

    4. I believe you said you use Nero for burning, could just try to create a DVD from your hdd using Nero.

    Unfortunately, with out access to the computer with my video programs I really can't check any of the programs I have for further assistance. My back up computer is a 450Mhz PIII Dell so I'm pretty limited. Given I just sent the mobo back, likely to be 3 to 4 weeks till I get it back.
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