MSI 945P Neo 3-F upgrade from Dell stock Dim5100

Trying to make as few changes as possible while upgrading to dual core. Current system is LGA 775 P4 630 with DDR2 400Mhz ram, and looking for a mobo that will let me keep the memory while usingexisting/upgrading CPU to dual core.

AFAIKT, this one looks like it'll work:

MSI 945P Neo 3-F

but just need more expert advice on the details I may be missing. I notice it doesnt say what core 2's it supports so I guess all (?).

I looked at OS compatibility and nothing specific to this movo, so I guess also that chipset is standard enough that linux distros will run.

I got this model from a graphic at Toms hardware

Please let me know if I'm leaving anything out that would make this a bad move.

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  1. seems like that MSI mobo can handle all C2D, but I don't know about that DDR2-400 mem. It might be a good idea to get newer memory if you're getting a mobo and a CPU already, and if you're on a budget you should consider the AMD route, the X2 3600+ has been spotted as low as $65 I believe and I saw an X2 4600+ for 125 i believe on newegg.
  2. MSI got back to me pretty quick with a response:

    Type Created Date Problem Note Attachment
    MSI Tech. 04/06/2007 Supports DDR2 667/533/400 memory interface.

    So it looks like it may be a go!

  3. Does anyone know if the Dimensions MOBOs (5100, E520, E521, etc) are ATX form factor?

    Just curious. Nothing in the documentation says what size they are.

    I tried to measure the one inside the case, but I can only get approx 10x10 inches using a tape measure.

    The MSI I found above looks to be too big if this case isn't ATX.

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