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where the hell is the 5th 120mm fan go on the antec 900. iam thinking about buying it. BUT i cant find where the 5th freaking fan goes!??!?

1 120mm in the back...1 120mm on the side....2 in the front/bottom....if my math is correct thats freaking 4 fans wheres the 5th go?!?!?

i feel like a retard.... :x
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  1. it has five fans, but only four are 120mm, the fifth is the 200mm on the top. Is that where you are getting it confused?
  2. You can also put in an additional 120mm fan in the middle of the case. It would blow air from either the top or bottom of the front fans throught the case, depending on where you put it.

    But it does make the drive bays where you put the extra fan unusable.

    You can see the detachable enclosure for the fan in this picture. It is the black thing near the middle of the case.

    You can also see it a little more clearly in the picture two spots to the right of the one I linked to.

    I own this case, so you can trust me on this.
  3. that my friend...thats sexy..
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