Clicking on links in messaging programs slow?

I've noticed on my new build, that whenever I click on a link in a messanging program [MSN or Xfire], It will take VERY long for something to pop up on my screen. Nothing will happen, I will be able to do everything in my computer, but nothing pops up, until about 20-30 seconsd later. Clicking on links in the browse pop up at the same speed, and my internet is running fine otherwise.

I've tried updating drivers, different hard drive, I got a new motherboard [for another reason], different RAM, CLEAN install of XP MULTIPLE timse, re-installing old drivers] none have worked.

I'm really confused on what to do now.

My system:

evga 680i
250 Gig hard drive
I'm also using a wireless card [WPN311, which has been used in multiple machines, none have had this problem]

Any idea on what it might be?
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  1. Are you using different AV software? Sometimes it can be slow scanning some things.
  2. My pagefile is fine, it's at 2048 mb in a 5 gb partition of the hard drive

    I have 2 gigs of RAM

    And no anti-virus software.

    I'm not sure if its software, as I've re-installed WIndows MULTIPLE times.
  3. Do you have sun java vm installed?
    If so, try uninstalling it. (it increases the loading time of the browser by tenfold.)
    And it crashes my entire computer when I watch videos for some stupid reason. Uninstall, no more crash.. :S
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the input -

    No, I don't have Sun java installed. This was a fresh install of XP.

    I tried the other messaging programs on another computer, and all of them loaded fine.

    It's jut this computer?
  5. Are you installing the motherboard drivers? They can do a large difference.
  6. Yes...

    've tried updating drivers,
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