WindowsXP64bit on one drive Vista64 on the other...

Can I make a dual boot system `after` having installed the two OS's on different drives, independantly?

PS I know you `can` make a dual boot system by installing one then the other but I have them installed already, for the simple reason, I didn't want one to affect/break the other.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Don't quote me... but If I'm right on this...what your going to have to do to use one or the other is switch "Bootup" drives everytime you want to use the other.

    Say drive "C" has "XP" on it and drive "D" has "2000" on it ... your going to have to switch the "bootup" to the "D" drive to use "2000"... and vica versa.

    Hope I'm not misleading you.
  2. I have Vista and XP installed on two different hard drives and during boot up, it asks me which one I want to boot.
  3. But I think he means that they are already installed on seperate drives...meaning it's not "dual" boot.
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