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I use the Windows xp remote desktop connection for my PC and my laptop via Wifi. When I first established it and sent an invite to my laptop my main pc had a password that was required to log on, so I used the same password to log onto the PC through the remote desktop via my laptop. Now, I have removed the password from my main PC but when I do that I cannot log onto through the remote desktop connection via my laptop because it won't accept a blank for the password. It will only work if I have a password on my user account on my main pc. Is there a way to change this so I won't have to have a password on my user account on my pc and still be able to log on to it through the remote desktop connection with my laptop not useing a password?

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  1. I just tried that, not using a password, and didnt find a way. They have it like that for security. You dont want someone to hack your network and remote in to your computer.
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