Wired or Wireless which is better

Hey Guys I am looking to get a router and the problem I have is do I go wired or wireless.

And is it possible to go wired with a wireless router all the same ports are at the back.

Both of my computers are beside one and other.

I do alot of online gaming also the rouiter I am looking at is the
Netgear / WPN824 / 108Mbps / 802.11g / 4-Port / Cable/DSL / RangeMax Wireless Router

Good for 108mps

Thanks for the input

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  1. Wired is faster. Even if you buy a wireless router, you can still use wired, becuase they usually have 4 wired ports.
    If the computers are close, I would recommend wired and gigabit if you can afford it. Get a router with built-in firewall for maximum safety.
    Tom's hardware has some router charts you can consult prior to buying.
  2. Agree completely with evongugg.

    Wireless at times is still a right pain, network coverage throughout your house can be hit n miss, plus interference etc.

    For all out speed especially if you are considering streaming any decent Video(especially HD movies) or MP3 go for wired, fit and forget about it.

    Ive been chasing in cables in wallls everytime i decorate a room (using Cat6) Its the way forward surely.

    Only time i use wireless is for my laptop or any small pda's etc round house. So wired for main devices, wireless for non essential.
  3. Wired is almost always quite a bit faster. The "108 Mb/s", "125 Mb/s", and even "54 Mb/s' are signalling rates well above what you would see in real data throughput, even with short distances and an interference-free environment. This is known as "marketing crap".

    Wired can come very close to its advertised rates.
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