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I might buy a SILVERSTONE TJ09-B Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case but could someone confirm for me whether the peripheral drives mount flush (metal to metal) with the metal cage (does not use plastic mounting brackets (sliders).

I don't want a case that uses the plastic mounting brackets. I'm not here to argue the issue but I feel the metal to metal contact provides a better safety ground fro ESD concerns.

Thanks for help with this question. :)
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  1. Thanks mpilchfamily! Yip, that's what it looked like when I reviewed the same pictures but I just wanted to be sure before I parted with my hard earned cash :)

    Thanks for the reply. :)
  2. The drives do mount metal to metal they are flush. No plastic at all. To be honest there is VERY VERY few plastic pieces on this case. Almost everything is aluminum.
  3. Fate0N3...Thanks for the feedback :)
  4. Hey, no problem at all. It is a great case you can't go wrong getting it. It is made beautiful has tons of space pretty good air flow only thing i wish it had was an option of a side fan on it. But sadly it does not, and i have not had the heart yet to cut on the case. lol ... Welp man if you have any other questions about it shot me a PM. I have had mine for several months now.
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