power supply that fits for my new video card

hi all this is my first attempt to upgrade my hardwares so plz help me

i just ordered geforce 7600GT and it requires atlesat 350W so i was looking around at newegg and i found this power supply:
it's a Thermaltake 430W at +12v@18A which is the minimum requirement for my new video card.

but my friend tells me that not all power supply fits on anything and he says something about main connector that i dun understand

would you guys be kind enough to tell me how to check my computer to c if this power supply fits?

thank you for your help
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  1. mpilchafamily i have question about the product that you recommanded. the ps that you recommanded has the cooling fan like at the top and my case is not open at the top. so is it still ok to buy this? because my current ps's fan is at the same side where switch is
  2. The FSP is the best bang for the buck...Overclockers from abits team actually use this setup on their folding machines :D gl.
  3. ooooo ok thank you for replying it so fast.
  4. This PSU is pretty good. I have a evga 6600gt running fine under it.
  5. get a psu with at least 22A on the 12

    get sli compat if you have the money
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