Panic!!! - I installed XP over existing copy of XP!???

Hi guys, my computer crashed and wasn't able to boot in safe mode for some reason. Anyway, I just installed a new copy of XP Pro over my existing one and now it's all fine. Still, I've noticed that I got 2 copies of Windows on my C:drive. The first one is just Windows directory, but the second one is Windows.o directory?? Is it okay to delete the second one I have, since I don't need 2 directories of my OS? Any help would be grateful!!!

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  1. that second copy is probably the working copy of xp.
    Your best bet would be to backup everything you need and do a clean install after formating the drive. What ever messed up the old copy could effect the new version. Not to mention the wasted space you have. The other thing is that some programs may still refer to files that are in the old directory, so deleting it may make them stop working causing you to reinstall them. Get my point.
    Save yourself some future trouble and just do a reinstall.
  2. Just a quick note about Vista...

    I like how it handles reinstalls. I recently had to do a full reinstall because something crapped out and I couldn't repair it. It automatically puts your old Windows folder, along with your Program Files and user folder into a folder called Windows.old. This way, you still have all your data and the new install doesn't conflict with the old. In fact, there's no boot entry in the boot menu for the old install.

    Very nice and I hope it's something they maintain all the way through retail.
  3. Thanks matey for the advice. My c: drive is 20gig I only got 5gig left which isn't right. I got my own account, wifes, and my stepson. I don't want to lose their data or setup. I have my d: at 90gig and e: at 60gig.

    What's the best way of formatting my c: drive(clean install of xp), but been able to save my family's files and stuff? Sorry for the lame questions. Also, what's the best backup program I can use to save all my data I have now?

  4. Just a note, if you have the upgrade version of XP Pro you can not do a clean reinstall. I ran into this issue helping a friend a couple of months ago. You will need to use something else to reformat your hard drive first, then install XP and have a 98 or 95 disc around.

    If you have the regular version of XP Pro you shouldn't have a problem.
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