Delayed Boot

I have an interesting problem brewing. I press the power button, the light comes on, but the computer doesn't boot (no fans on, nothing) for about 10-15 seconds. Then it boots up just fine. Sounds like a motherboard issue to me, anyone have any thoughts?

System specs:
Opteron 165
DFI Lan Party n4 Ultra
Corsair RAM
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  1. Well for those that are uninterested, I cycled the power on the PSU which seems to have done the trick for now. Anyone know if these little power supply testers are any good?
  2. no idea, but i think that that is a good sign you either need a new psu or you just had some dirty power down your line, happens after line work or after a surge or something...
  3. Thanks for your input. I've never had this problem before! I don't think we've had any surges recently, but my house does get pretty staticy when it gets dry, and I have to ground myself by touching the case before starting it usually. Maybe it was a charge build up which caused the PSU to freak out.
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