HELP!! windows xp keeps opening explorer tabs

its been about 3 or 4 months since i built this computer there have been no hardware problems but recently windows keep opening tabs. while playing a game it would minimize but there is no other window, there would be sounds that explorer would open new tabs. IF computer is left on long enough there would be 10 new tabs opened. whats teh problem with my computer?
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  1. Is your computer in a dusty place?? Do you clean it often? I think what u meant by tabs is windows ( My documents etc.)I read a article on Pc world that Military Laptops in Afghanistan had a similar problem like “Programs opened without prompt ““Programs deleted themselves “ etc. coz of sand storms and heat .
    Hope your computer isn’t neara desert. First of all try changing your Keyboard and mouse.
  2. I am not sure but worth giving a try GL 8O
  3. its more like internet tabs keep opening ive scanned my computer with anti virus and spyware and it cant get rid of them. i really dont knw whats wrong. windows keep minimizing like when playing a game it would minimize.
  4. ohi thought other windows, are you using IE for internet surfing ??
  5. Definately sounds like spy / adware to me. Either that, or you're unintentionally invoking a keyboard shortcut to open up IE.
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