e6300 overclock - temps/ram/etc

I love the C2D OC guide...but I feel there are some gaps in it, being totally new to overclocking.

I'm using NVIDIA MonitorView since it came with my driver CD (o'course I got the latest drivers from nvidia.com) and here's a screenshot of what it's showing:


First, can someone touch on the HT(SPP-MCP) that's in red? It says anything in red can potentially damage my computer so it's kinda freakin' me out, and I don't wanna mess with anything OC wise until that's resolved.

Next, I'm wondering about my CAS timings and voltage because as far as I know that seems to be the first step, followed by 1:1 ratio which I understand thanks to a certain thread.

My goal is to keep everything as stable as possible while getting it to either 1GHz higher (CPU clock) or to 3GHz, just so I notice something. I'm not sure if that's possible with what I have, but I do have a window right next to my computer that actually cools it off by 5-7Celcius which is kind of funny. I've tested that enough to make sure. I'm not sure what the temp is at load, but after research this seems to be fairly -o.k.- for idle (running MSN and AVG, of course Firefox too) or at least average.

I have stock cooling for the CPU (e6300) a side vent for it, 2 80mm in the front bottom one intake one out (not sure which way points which way) and one (intake? but it's supposed to be pointing that way according to how the case came, even though I replaced it but pointed it the same way, plus how the instructions suggested) but that's 80mm in the back, so my cooling isn't the greatest, but it keeps it going just fine.

I have an 320MB 8800GTS with 2 512 sticks making 1GB of dual channel DDR2 RAM.

According to MoniterView, my RAM is running at 800MHz. As I read, I don't believe that's effective speed, so does this mean each stick is running at 400MHz, or each stick running at 400MHz, makes a total of 1600MHz, in which case I would want to reduce it from 400MHz to 266MHz to match my CPU FSB?

Assuming that's correct (as I can't see any other way mathematically to figure that out), do I set my CAS to 4-4-4-12 or keep it at whatever it is...which I think it's at the 5-5 something something? What voltage do I set to, 2.4? I think it's already there...Here's a screenshot of CPU-Z:


Here's the rest of CPU-Z:


Turns out I can't post IMG tags until I have 100 posts, so they're linked.

I just noticed, the timings on each stick are different, could that be a problem? Or is that meant to be in place for priorities or something?

Well, thank you very much ahead of time. I've scoured the forums as best I can without burning myself out, I hope this is an ok topic to post, I'm just trying to fill in the gaps as the entire RAM section is filled with recommendations and compatibilities with motherboards instead of anything about overclocking. Search function is a little wacky. Thanks again.
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  1. Sorry for the double post, I waited 24 hours to bump.

    But I'm also wondering, why is there SUCH a lack of mention with the eVGA 680i A1 or any 680i board for that matter? That's what I have and the C2D OC guide doesn't have one of the most popular boards in it? I don't understand.
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