pci-e confusion

Hi need a bit of advice about pci-express gfx cards.

I'm looking to upgrade to an AM2 SLi board and put 2 7900GSs in SLi, however I've read that NF570 boards pci-e slots only have 8 pci-e lanes when in SLi

My question is - do current cards including the 8800GTX make use of all 16 lanes or will 8 do just as well.

I'd rather not spend more on a 590 board but I also dont want my cards to lack bandwidth.

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  1. Dont worry, 8x is fine. There wont be any noticable difference between a 16x lane and an 8x lane.
  2. There is a difference, but you wont notice the difference because its so small. Its to bad that article didnt include more games, COD and Quake are hardly sufficent.
  3. IF you haven't both those cards and mobo yet, you'd be better off getting an 8800GTS 320mb and a cheaper mobo than an SLI configuration, in terms of performance.
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