Give me some spyware!!! Yes you read that right....

I wasnt getting any love over in other software, so I decided to try here!!!

Alright guys heres the deal.

I do quite alot of selling on and about 75% of the responses I get are from the losers over in nigeria hopeing to scam me into the whole "USPS money order I'll handle shipping plus pay you extra" deal. So I decided to make a nice little re-direct webpage to include in my responses to these people...

I think it'd go alittle something like this:

Nigerian b*stard:Hello,
Kindly let me know if your item is still available for sale and also
in good condition because i am buying it for someone as a gift.
If that is ok kindly get back to me with your full name and address so
that i can proceed with the payment and also i will not mind offering
you more money due to the urgency need of the item and immediately the
payment goes through i will be the one to handle the shipping myself
through my courier service so you do not have to worry about the
thanks and kindly get back to me.

Me: Yeah sure it's still available!!! Here let me give you my address and shipping information, here is a copy of my letterhead, ("") it has all my info on it, I just didnt feel like typing it again I hope thats ok. It's been a pleasure doing business with you!!! Hope to hear form you soon.

I just figured it would be a fun way to let them know they've completely wasted my time. Being as I am an OS X user, I'm feeling fairly safe. I want you guys to get me the most destructive, asnnoying, most invasive spyware. Seriously. If you have something, or know of someone who does, please let me know!!!
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  1. You're not going to find a lot of help, because what you propose to do is not exactly legal. Besides, you think a bot sending out fake emails is going to click on a link?
  2. No no, for one, I make sure to converse with these people atleast once before doing so.

    Secondly show me what law I am violating by pointing someone with intent to use fraudulent USPS money orders to a website that may or may not contain a program used to display pop-ups or whatnot?
  3. You said virus... and knowingly and maliciously spreading a virus is illegal... it doesn't matter how pissed off you are at these guys.

    Two wrongs don't make a right. Even if you threaten to send them such a thing beforehand, it still isn't legal to infect someone else's computer purposely.
  4. alright as to apease all who oppose this,

    Help me find Ad-ware, greyware, spyware.

    As there are no laws preventing someone from linking to a site that may or may not contain advertising material this should not constitute as being illegal.

    I never said two wrongs will make a right! I said it would make my day more interesting.
  5. Oh I know what you said... I just said you shouldn't be too surprised if it results in a visit from the authorities... should anyone decide to lodge a complaint against your jovial "ribbing".

    Besides, I bet these guys are running Linux... wouldn't that be a hoot?

  6. naw, I've asked them....

    Play stupid.

    Me: "Hey I havent heard back from you yet (in reality I havent replied to them yet) I sent you all my info as an attachment. Did you get it? I was in word so maybe if your not using windows it doesnt work? I know sometimes my anti virus stops me from downloading things... Let me know if any of that happened and I'll resend it..."

    Them: "No I have not recieved it yet. Yes I do have windows. My anti-virus shouldnt be a problem...Perhaps try to resend it"

    That type of thing, I actually have two people on hold waiting for me to mail them my zipped "documents."

    And if anything, I can just give netcom africa a call and tell them what IP the illegal money order scams are coming from. thank you whois!
  7. Well there you go. Reporting these guys is better than intentionally infecting their computers. I realize it may be quite satisfying to "stick it to them" as it were... but as I said, it's not really legal.

    Of course, if they don't know who you are or where your computer is, then it is a little difficult to be prosecuted for any wrong-doing. (This doesn't mean I in any way advocate the behaviour, however.)
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