Video Upgrade for a Shuttle System - Size issues!

I currently have a Radeon 9700 Pro- AGP, and it sits in a SN41G2 Version 1 Shuttle system. I would like to upgrade this card, but with any Shuttle there are concerns about space.

Is there any way or where I could find out what cards I could replace this one with? The 9700 pro is a great card, but it's getting a little old for the current set of games. Ideally I'd like to get into a DX10 card, and the more power overall the better. Where would a guy get this sort of info?

Thanks for any assistance offered.
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  1. What are the system specs? XP2400+, 2500+?, XP2700+? That can determine a good matching card. How about the power supply? Is it beefy enough? A card like the X1650XT will draw alot more peak 12v power than a 9700 pro. Are you using the PCI-e slot below the AGP slot?

    Physical size, you have to watch. Many native pci-e cards that are bridged to AGP, can be huge. Look at this X800XL AGP next to a 9800 pro.

    Now the same 9800 pro is in this pic compared to the X800XTPE below it, which is native AGP and just a tad taller and longer, but close.

    The X1650 pro(top left) is a bridged card but while a tad taller, it is shorter than the 9800 pro. And the HIS ice Q X1650XT takes up two slots and is longer with it's cooler, Otherwise it's a nice card.

    There may be size charts/specs you can google. But Basically, you can also look how much card sticks out beyond the slot as they all must fit in the same slot. So if the 9700 pro is one inch beyond that and you have little room to spare, look for a card that is also 1 inch or less beyond the slot.

    You may want to look into a 7600GT's size. They seem to be up in price again though. Here is a pic. It will draw less power than the X1650's and offer similar performance to the X1650XT. If your PSU is adequate, a X1650 pro with GDDR3 is also nice and cheaper. The 7600GS is almost as good and it would draw even less power, good for a wimpier power supply. If power isn't an issue, the X1650XT is pretty decent performer and priced well but I doubt you could fit the dual slot model. Edit: ACtually, how close is the 9700 pro's fan to the side of the case? Could you use a thicker heatsink/fan?
  2. Lord, Pauldh. That is the best reply to a question I have ever seen. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to give such a thoughtful and complete answer. I appreciate your time and effort very much.

    I am currently running a XP 2800+ 2.25 GHz. Not sure about the power supply, it's a 200 watt model. I have no PCI slots at all. The 7600 series is definately in the right price range, and I think it would fit. I could always leave the case a little lose on that side but I don't think it would be a problem. The power issue is really the only question, I think.

    Again, thank you.

    *** of course, I could always upgrade the power supply...
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